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Informatica Cloud Training


TMCS is one of the leading Institute for Informatica Cloud Training in Marathahalli. TMCS has got highly professional real-time Trainers, good infrastructure, and a highly organized placement cell to help the students with placements. Regarding Informatica Cloud Training in Marathahalli, TMCS has helped a lot of students to get quality training and placement. If you are looking for professional, real-time Informatica Cloud Training in Marathahalli please contact TMCS

Informatica Cloud Course Content

Informaitca Cloud Basics

  • What is informatica Cloud
  • How is it different from other informatica products
  • Benefits of Informatica Cloud over other products

Secure Agent

  • What is secure agnt?
  • Secure Agent Architecture and functionalities
  • How to install and run secure agent

Data Synchronization task

  • How to create a data synchronization task
  • Functionalities
  • Usage
  • How to create and run data synchronization tasks
  • Market use case

Data Replication task

  • What is data replication task
  • How does it work
  • How to crate and run data replication tasks


  • What is the mapping functionality in ICS
  • How to create and run a mapping
  • Comparision with other mapping tools


  • What are the different connections available in ICS
  • How to configure and use connections
  • Depth into following connections:
  • Salesforce
  • Flat-file
  • Oracle
  • WebServices Connection

Mapping Configuration task

  • What is mapping Configuration task
  • How to create mapping Configuration task
  • Features and benefits of a MCT

Expression macro and Dynamic mapping

  • What are Expression macros
  • What are dynamic mappings
  • Where to use dynamic mapping
  • Business use cases


  • How to create schedules in ICS
  • What is schedules used for
  • How to use the schedules to run different jobs in ICS


  • ReST API for ICS
  • How to use ReST API to create Informatica Cloud tasks and jobs


  • What is SOAP call in ICS
  • How to use SOAP call to create and run tasks in ICS


  • Parameterization in ICS
  • Features and benefits
  • How to create and use parameters

Advanced transformations

  • Advanced transformations in ICS
  • How to create new transformations in mapping
  • Business use cases and practice

Pre and post processing SQL and SQL Override

  • What are the Pre and post processing in SQL
  • How and when to use the pre and post processing SQL commands in ICS

Informatica Cloud

  • RealtimeCloud Introduction to Informatica