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Scala and Spark Training


TMCS is one of the leading Institute for Scala and Spark Training in Marathahalli. TMCS has got highly professional real-time Trainers, good infrastructure, and a highly organized placement cell to help the students with placements. Regarding Scala and Spark Training in Marathahalli, TMCS has helped a lot of students to get quality training and placement. If you are looking for professional, real-time Scala and Spark Training in Marathahalli please contact TMCS​

Scala Course Content

Introduction to Scala

  1. Variable declaration
  2. Working with Option
  3. Scala data types
  4. Type inference
  5. Scala shell
  6. Lazy variables
  7. Control structures
  8. Pattern matching in Scala
  9. Defining functions in Scala
  10. Collections in Scala

OOPS in Scala

  1. Classes
  2. Singletons
  3. Companion object
  4. Access specifiers
  5. Constructors
  6. Case classes
  7. Inheritance

Functional programming in Scala

  • Understanding functional programming concept
  • Higher order function

Scala environment set up

  • Java setup
  • Scala setup
  • POC on Scala concepts

Introduction to Hadoop

  1. History of Hadoop
  2. HDFS 1.x and 2.x architecture
  3. Map Reduce framework

Spark Course

spark Spark course

Introduction to Spark

  1. Evolution of Distributed systems & Challenges faced
  2. Need of new generation
  3. Hardware/software evolution in last decade
  4. History of Spark
  5. Features of Spark
  6. Spark Architecture
  7. Spark installation
  8. Spark shell
  9. Creating SparkContext
  10. Introduction to RDD

Spark API Examples

  1. Loading data to RDD
  2. Item wise count
  3. Find a specific item
  4. Serialization
  5. Discount
  6. Error Handling
  7. Joins

Anatomy of RDD

  1. Partitions
  2. Manipulating Partitions
  3. Hash Partition
  4. Custom practitioner
  5. RDD dependencies
  6. Run Job API
  7. Cache Example
  8. Spark on YARN

Spark SQL

  1. Introduction
  2. SQL Context
  3. SparkSQL vs Hive
  4. Data Source
  5. Creating Data Frame
  6. Querying with SQL dialect
  7. Data frame DSL
  8. Interaction with databases
  9. Spark and Hive integration
  10. Cache in SparkSQL

Spark Streaming

  1. Batch vs Streaming
  2. Architecture and Abstraction
  3. DStreams, DStreams vs RDD
  4. Transformations
  5. Input Streams (Socket, HDFS, Twitter, Kafka)
  6. Check pointing, Persist and Caching
  7. Batch and Window Sizes
  8. Level of Parallelism


  1. HDFS
  2. What is Hadoop
  3. History of Hadoop
  4. Problems with Traditional Large-Scale Systems and Need for Hadoop
  5. Understanding Hadoop Architecture
  6. Fundamental of HDFS (Blocks, Name Node, Data Node, Secondary Name Node)
  7. Rack Awareness
  8. Read/Write from HDFS


  1. Discussion on frequently asked interview question
  2. Helping in resume preparation

Assignments on SCALA,Spark Core, SQL and Streaming

  1. Mini project on Streaming using Kafka
  2. Live project discussion
  3. Understanding Map Reduce
  4. Job Tracker and Task Tracker
  5. Architecture of Map Reduce
  6. Data Flow of Map Reduce
  7. Map Function& Reduce Function
  8. How Map Reduce Works
  9. Anatomy of Map Reduce Job
  10. Understand Difference Between Block and Input Split
  11. Map Side, Reduce Side joins with examples


  1. Drabacks of HDFS1.x
  2. HDFS 2.X